The best place on earth!

I often get asked "Gus what's your favourite place in the world!?" - I must admit it is not an easy question to answer and the truth is that there isn't one single place I love the most. I just love travelling. I've recently come across a stunning passage in the book I am currently reading. 

The Gilyak did not spend their time awaiting arrival somewhere else; they were always somewhere.
— Timothy Taylor - The Artificial Ape

I encourage you to consider this epiphany I had when I was around 18 "once an adventurer, always an adventurer". I try to think that everyday is an adventure of some kind, that I am always "somewhere" as the GYULT people would think and therefore there is an opportunity to explore, learn and discover. I live in Melbourne and I could argue there is as much of Melbourne for me to discover as there is of any other city in the world! 

But ok, Gus, seriously, give me one place you love I hear you say. Ok's hard to go past the place I grew up in. Funnily enough though, it took me leaving Patagonia to actually realise how magical the place I grew up in truly is. I grew up with Orcas beaching themselves to catch sea lions not far from home, and a type of parrot that only burrows in the sandstone cliffs nearby, and riding my bike for 10 minutes and reaching a place where all I could see is sky. The biggest skies I've seen in my life live in Patagonia. It's raw, untamed, wild and real. You can bus it, drive it, train in, fly it, boat it and hitchhike it! It is truly a magical place. 

Gus Balbontin