Need Gus Balbontin for your events or workshops?


"I've heard you speak at an event and would love you to come and help my team on our latest project or talk to my executive team or help me convince the board. We need you in our business!"

Yes! Yes! Would love to! These days I find that engaging with businesses and teams on a regular but part-time basis or a completely ad-hoc basis is far more effective than a full time position. I am an early adopter of the future of work ;-)

Why do I say it’s more effective?

  • The shorter non-full-time nature of the engagement makes them more intense,

  • There’s less risk of me becoming one of you and losing my curious, unbiased view,

  • It’s cheaper than a full time role,

  • It allows me to work across a range of industries, businesses and puzzles,

  • It lets me work on my own businesses and ideas which means I can walk the talk – I’m not just advising, I am doing and sharing what I learn.

So, if you need me to come to your team, executive event, board meeting, help you with a project, run a workshop, invent a program or come to your next conference just head to contact and ping me. I have established a small Creative Studio called Roshambo with a group of rad humans who help me mastermind and deliver epicness!

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