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A presentation focused on the lessons learnt from decades of market disruption and business transformation in the Media industries. The presentation is relevant to all size businesses from all industries, private and public as it focuses on simple yet powerful concepts of change, adaptability, transformation and innovation. It applies to individuals and teams at all levels, from reception to the executive team and boards. How do we survive and thrive in this ever-changing market?

Change, business transformation, cultural change, market and industry disruption, technology changes, product and customer development, innovation, creativity, analogue to digital, digital disruption,


A presentation focused on building high performing teams and cultures able to deal with disruption and succeed against the odds. How to treat people like adults and give them the necessary autonomy? How do we outperform our competition? How do we get the most from this ever-changing workforce? What is the future of work as millennial and centennials enter the market and companies operate globally?

Team building, Cultural change, high performance, cross functional teams, Agile team, cross age teams, creativity, innovation, Change, business transformation, cultural change, Improv, unscripted performance.

A presentation focused on developing products and services to fix customer problems rather than business problems. How do we stimulate the entire workforce to focus on fixing customer problems? How do we empower everyone from finance to marketing? How do we go from just ideas and conversations to action and experiments? What should my Innovation Portfolio look like to ensure the longevity of my business?

Product portfolio, Service Portfolio, Innovation portfolio, innovation funnel, fast iteration development, Fast product development, Fail Fast, innovation model, Change, business transformation, cultural change.


An after dinner presentation full of travel stories – from contrabanding goods across south American borders, to doing business naked in Finland to drinking unreasonable amounts of rice wine in China. Stories will get the audience talking about their own experiences travelling and sharing with each other what often are some of the happiest memories we have. Puts the audience in a good mood!

Fun, inspirational, motivational, entertaining, story sharing, travel as a force for good, how to travel with no money.

A presentation focused on breaking down long-standing systems and developing flexible operation models that provide the freedom and autonomy we need to tackle the ever-changing future. Is the way we structure ourselves the best way to serve our customer? Do we spend more time doing 5 years plans than focusing on our ability to adapt?

Agile, hierarchies, Semler, Lean Thinking, concrete, Operations, Process Improvement, Start ups for Corporate, new KPIs, Breaking down silos.


"His life experiences shone through his talk and gave him real credibility. We felt he had gone out there had lots of successes and failures, and was sharing what he learnt from both"

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