Gus’s keynotes provide powerful perspectives and candid stories that will inspire your clients,  staff , executives and even the board. People walk away with new ways of expressing and communicating with each other the challenges we all face in business today.

“Gus was very engaging, funny, but importantly delivered a message that all of us in business must take seriously”. 

To complement his keynotes, Gus has created a series of workshops tailored to the content in his keynotes. Gus designed them specifically to take each topic further and provide clients with an opportunity to expose their audiences to more detail and a hands on experience.

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Future Trends

  • Discussing future trends with an emphasis on what we can do now rather than what we could do later.

  • Spend less time guessing and more time doing something about the future. Talk is cheap, action is hard.

Unlocking Agility & Adaptability

  • The challenges of corporate momentum and how to break traditional, repetitive business processes in favor of agile and more entrepreneurial models.

  • How to create structures and systems capable of supporting established AND emerging business models simultaneously.

  • Transforming industries, businesses, departments, teams and individuals to become more adaptable and succeed in rapid changing markets.



Customer focus and activating innovation

The importance of focusing on the customer and not business problems and the dangers of falling in love with your product and service.

The power of simplifying innovation to its core: moving from an unsolved problem to a solved problem. Practical tools to help turn the often vague concept of innovation into immediate action and how to involve everyone across the business or industry in the process.  -  We all have a role to play.

How our brain has evolved primarily to hunter-gather and not for current speed of advancement. We are at odds with our own instincts. Gus will help you love change and become aware of your instinctual rejection to change.