Why wait to teach your kids? Start early, reap the benefits later!


My grandfather started to teach me to drive a car as soon as I could reach the pedals and barely see over the windscreen. All I could do was put 1st gear (manual) drive forward 5mts, stop, put reverse, drive back 5 mts. Over and over. Once I got used to it, he would ask me to move the car from the street to the drive way. That was it for 4 years or so. It wasn't much, I wasn't all that pumped about it as after a while it kinda became boring. But one day, when I was 13 we drove out of town, he stopped the car, got off, and asked me to drive. I remember looking at him and saying "what?? I've never driven!!!" he said, "of course you have, jump on, drive". I only knew how to drive 5 mts in 1st gear, or drive into a drive way from the street. I put first gear and he asked me to go quicker, when the engine was screaming he said: "now it's time for 2nd gear, do the same as you do for 1st" and just like that I was driving, without even realising. 

He totally Miyagied me. He didn't teach me to drive, he exposed me to driving in tiny little increments while learning to drive I also learnt to learn.

I know that without realising we do this with things like walking, speaking and eating. We teach our kids by exposing them, by creating opportunities for them to learn. Ensure that the same applies for all other skills they need to learn. Learn them to learn!

For example, I've started taking my kids to adults events to teach them the art of human greeting. It's super simple but for some reason I meet so many people incapable of doing this. 1) walk up to someone 2) stretch your hand out 3) look at them in the eye 4) say hello my name is Gus. That has been the start of most of my negotiations, business hustles, deals and more. It all starts there and if you or your kids can't do it you will struggle to expand your network.

So, expose your kids early to everything, the earlier the better! let them soak it, let them learn to learn. They will one day realise you have Miyagied them the way my grandfather Miyagied me!

Gus Balbontin