The Art of Hitchhiking

A couple of months ago Steve Kakos from Boss Hunting sat down with me for a little chat and a journey through my childhood and career. These are not stories I normally share in my keynotes but they may give you some context as to who I am! Read the start here and head over to BossHunting (link below) to continue the story! :-) 

Tilcara - Argentina

Tilcara - Argentina

It isn’t every day you get to speak to someone like Gus Balbontin – the former executive director at Lonely Planet – and someone who has experienced the globe, cracked the corporate world open like an Easter egg yet doesn’t walk around like he owns every place he walks into. We bonded first over our mutual love of Orcas. Gus grew up moments away from one of the most impressive Orca ecosystems in the world. This Blueprint is special to any budding and unsure entrepreneur. It’s a guide for adventurers who can’t justify the thought of travelling, for those who dare to dream with their eyes open, who constantly have that nagging voice inside their head telling them a million reasons why they shouldn’t. Or why they aren’t good enough. This Blueprint is worth every word. Every part is great. From one hour interviewing Gus I haven’t managed to get close to fitting everything in. Because of Gus’s insight into life, education, travel and business are so deep, so strong, it’s impossible to take everything in on a first meeting and one editorial on our site. So for now, enjoy what I could document for all those who dream with their eyes open.

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Gus Balbontin